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The aesthetic characteristics of the Chinese garden sculpture (a) [2012-06-27]

The aesthetic characteristics of the Chinese garden sculpture (a)

The sculpture in the history of human invention and civilization is almost the same time the birth of the original sculpture of the figurines have been found all over the world, they have elapsed since the 30000-1 years distant history. Due to geographical isolation in the long development of the formation of two kinds of art styles in East and West. The oriental art of ancient Egypt, China, with its emphasis on a decorative, stable, clear and strict norms, but also has a realistic basis, such as the shape of the Egyptian Pharaoh, China Qin horse figurines and so on. Another based on ancient Greece, ancient Rome as the representative of European-style, it emphasizes the characterization of a personality, vivid natural posture, with a fit and size. The two kinds of style to the formation of two kinds of culture, sculpture art is no exception.
Bronze Sculpture.The sculpture is an environmental art, between painting and architecture, its performance needs to be set off and dependence. Hegel is divided into two major categories of sculpture, some sculptures are independent, some of the sculptures services in order embellishment of architectural space, the environment of the former is only set by carving art a location, then a environment just by engraving and it is dotted with buildings, this relationship is not only determines the form of sculptures, but also to determine their content and in most cases. Borrow Hegel's aesthetic language summarize, the former is independent of the United States, which is attached to the United States. Hall sculpture, garden sculpture is essentially two different types of beauty.