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Photograph Brass Garden Sculpture [2012-02-20]


While the very notion of a Bronze Garden Sculpture may remind you of gnomes and clay frogs, many pieces are much more elegant in their design and execution. Garden sculptures should be aesthetically pleasing and provide a natural counterpoint to flowers and plants in your garden.
1 Decide whether you're shooting inside or outside. If you can move the sculpture, you'll have a choice of places to shoot.
2 Keep the background uncluttered. Use a neutral colored backdrop, if available, to avoid distractions in the background. If you can't, focus on the sculpture and try to blur the background. Always make the Brass Garden Sculpture the main focus of the photograph.
3 Pay attention to lighting. If you're outdoors, a cloudy day or at sunset or sunrise is a good time to photograph sculptures. You can photograph in a brightly light room or use a handheld flash and aim it at the ceiling or wall to create soft fill light. You can also use white cards to lighten the shadows of the sculpture.
4 Use a tripod to avoid camera shake. If you don't have a tripod, hold your camera in both hands and pull your elbows tightly to your ribs. This will keep your camera steady.
5 Take shots at several different angles to get different perspectives. Decide which features are important to you and what your photograph is trying to convey.
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