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Mount Steel Relief On Walls [2012-04-10]


Today, savvy self home decorators do not have to resort to hanging posters and prints in traditional frames to adorn walls in their homes and offices. At art fairs, specialty shops and discount home-improvement stores, sculptural wall art is widely available in many colors, styles, shapes and sizes. in addition, artists specializing in Steel Relief  in a variety of media are present on the Internet. Therefore, individuals who want to create interesting decorative wall "landscapes" can find beautiful and interesting examples in metal, plaster and glass.
1 Select a general location on the wall for the sculpture. Slide a stud finder across that area to locate the nearest wall studs. Mark their locations.
2 Hold the template against the wall. Align the mounting holes in the template with the studs. Mark the locations of the mounting holes onto the wall.
3 Raise the Brass Relievo against the wall to make sure the mounting holes in the sculpture are aligned with the pencil marks you made with the template. Mark the wall again if necessary.
4 Place a screw through one of the mounting holes in the sculpture and press the screw tip against the wall. With the screw gun, drive the screw into the wall stud. Repeat the process with the remaining screws.
If you want to know more,please enter the following link: Stainless Steel Sculpture .