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Methods for Copper Outdoor Sculpture [2012-05-08]


Durable Methods for Outdoor Sculpture
If you're looking for ideas for garden art Copper Outdoor Sculpture and yard sculptures then you're in luck. There are so many things you can do to make yard art with reused items, like bed frames and bicycles. You can also make yard art, if you learned paper mache in kindergarten, then you can sculpt some giant eggs to display in a whimsical nest. Finally, you can decide whether or not you want your art to be a focal point, for gazing in contemplative thought, or if you want it hidden, nestled amongst the foliage. 
This steel sculpture is intentionally left to rust to give color.
Sculptures intended to last for decades or centuries must be made of materials that are resistant to weather, vandalism and theft. Large memorial and decorative sculptures are often made of stone, cement or bronze. Stone was traditionally carved by hand, but modern stone carvers often use power tools. Bronze or other molten metals are poured into molds that are created from artists' clay models. Some metals such as steel and aluminum are assembled by riveting or welding methods and are often used for industrial or modern-looking sculptures.
Ephemeral and Natural Methods
Ephemeral materials Brass Outdoor Sculpture are often purposely used to make a statement of passing time with a nod to the elements of nature and natural processes. Sculptures of this type are made with deterioration and decay in mind. Ice, snow and sand sculptures fall into this category.
Andy Goldsworthy is perhaps one of the most well known ephemeral artists of our time. His work is done using only natural materials found in the region where he is working. He has worked with icicles, twigs, leaves, stacked stones and mounded earth.
Temporary Outdoor Exhibition
Art may be created as an event or statement for some short-term purpose with the intention of removing the work after a period of days or weeks. The artist may be commissioned to undertake a work for a special celebration or holiday.
In some cases the artwork itself is the event. The artist Christo and his late wife Jeanne-Claude created work on an enormous scale that requires environmental impact studies and teams of engineers. They are committed to removing their art within a two-week period and restoring the surroundings to the original condition.
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