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Garden Sculpture [2012-06-14]

Garden sculpture
Divided into sculpture in the round, convex carved, embossed, engraved, according to the form of permanent material sculptures and non-permanent materials sculpture sculpture using materials, permanent materials are divided into: metal sculpture, stone sculpture, glass and steel sculpture, non-permanent materials divided into: plaster sculpture, mud sculpture, wood sculpture, garden sculpture commonly used permanent materials of sculpture in the round, as for convex carved, embossed, engraved, often combined with construction. Ice, Xuesu northeast unique garden in winter sculpture.
The sculpture can be configured in the rules of the garden plaza, flower beds, on the avenue, also dotted the slopes of the natural garden, lawn, pool or water. Set in the garden sculpture, coordination of themes and image should be the environment, the size of the sculpture and the space scale to have a proper proportion, and the need to consider sculpture orientation, color, and background, make sculptures and garden environment set off each other, complement each other.
Garden sculpture with landscape composition, the majority located outdoors, the wide range of topics. Garden sculpture through art image can reflect the social spirit of the times, the performance of a certain ideological content, both decorative landscaping, but also become the center of the garden of a local or even the composition of the whole park.
Garden sculpture has a long history. Renaissance sculpture has become an important part of the Italian garden. Garden sculpture or combination of the Gardens of water, or decorative layer, and even the establishment of the main exhibition Sculpture Garden Museum, the Sculpture Park. Garden sculpture in the garden of Europe, USA, still occupies an important position.