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Collect Brass Sculpture [2012-04-18]


Bronze Sculpture offer a classy, upscale look that can be maintained with basic ingredients and the correct tools. Bronze is known for its elegant, deep red color, but can change to an unsightly green color over time if not cared for. If possible, keep bronze sculptures in a dry environment. Chlorides and oxygen can combine in damp environments and produce the green residue on bronze that you want to avoid. Restoring the color of bronze sculptures is possible.
1 Choose bronze sculptures based upon specific artists you enjoy. While the most noteworthy of modern bronze sculptors choose to create rather large sculptures, such as monuments and statues, you can still enjoy miniaturized replicas based on the work of such famous artists as Felix de Welson, Harry Weber, Auguste Rodin, Leonard Volk and George and Gerald Tsutakawa.
2 Collect bronze sculptures based on specific themes or genres. For instance, the bronze sculptures of Frederic Remington, which depict scenes from the American West, have inspired an entire generation of modern sculptors. Or, you may want to collect pieces such as bronze busts and statues if your tastes lean more toward classical art forms.
3 Build a collection of abstract Brass Sculpture, which may consist of intriguing geometric shapes as opposed to more realistic subject matter. In many cases, abstract sculptures may allow the collector to appreciate the feel and the color of the bronze itself, and note how the colors and textures may develop and change over time.
4 Pick bronze sculptures with which chemical processes have been employed to change the patina, or the surface and color, of the bronze. While natural oxidation can change bronze into the classic green hue, other types of manipulations can result in a deep-blue or even gold color.
5 Develop a relationship with the owner of a local gallery and express your wish to collect bronze sculptures. The gallery owner may know of several local artists who use this specific medium of artistic expression, and she may be able to arrange a meeting. By patronizing unknown artists, you may obtain a unique piece, as well as one that may be a sound financial investment for the future.
6 Use online resources, such as, to collect bronze sculptures (see Resources below). These sculptures may range from artistically unique sculptures to novelty pieces that are reproduced in large quantities.
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