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the creative concept description: Birds are flying among clouds.The clean water is quietly flowing under the great bridge connecting north and south, forming slight wrinkle on surface.The picture drawing a beautiful scene in which artificial culture and crude nature perfectly blend together.


The creative concept description:The work is made of three parts:birds,bulrush and the sun.The sun is rising upon the horizon line.The birds are flying in breeze toward the sun.It is not only a nice picture of nature.Meanwhile,it also indicate the theme of diligence and desire to move formard.


The creative concept description:The work use the scene of Cloud And Fog Mountain in GuiDing as the background to show the long history and rich culture.The theme of the mountain is shaped by pieces of abstract tea leaves,on which the native girl is picking tea leaves.We design this to show the diligence of the natives.


The creative concept description:This is another work for The Clound And Fog Mountain in GuiDing .We use the abstract subjects to present a scene of the beautiful mountain to all the spectator such as the hill, the sun,the clouds ,the fog. Meanwhile the natives are addressing the enthusiasm to all visitors.


The creative concept description:It is the pursuit of being a star that drive the dolphins to strive upward.The ball is a symbole of a traget respenting the honor and compliment.The whole work shows the determination of client to be a first-class one.


The creative concept description:Phenix is thought to be permanent life and it also a holy symbole of luck in China.The ball with 18 phenixes on the surface is the most lucky thing.


The creative concept description:The work originate from a Chines lengend,which is called oriental "Romeo and Juliet".The abstract two human-being shape on the top represent the two head characters.It also blend the element from French romance culture with a artistic expression of a violin.It is the rhythm of a pleasant life, which is the theme of the sculpture.


The creative concept description:To meet the theme of the "ART SQUARE",we combine the elements of French romance and the classic tradition from Chinese folks "MASK " . The mask is formed by half part of a man's face and another half of a woman's face.


The Chinese folk story on volume:This is an interesting story popularize in folk.Once in a night,the moon was brightly hanging on the air.A team of monkeys played with each other when suddenly a monkey saw a round plate in a well.The monkeys thought that it was the moon which had dropped from the sky.So they decided to pick it back.They make up bridge by bunching themself together.They used hands to grip another monkey's feet one after another,the frist monkey hold a branch with feet when the last one tried to pick up the moon.Of course they failed at last as it was the reflection only.


The Chinese folk story on volume:A old story prevail among Chinese floks.Once upon the time,there was a sheepherder made a living on feeding sheeps.He found one day that the fence which he used to insulate the sheeps from threat of wolves was broken,though he took no care.The next day,he discovered wolves had call at his home and took away a sheep.He so regret for the instant laziness and immediately mend the gap.So it was not too late for the sheepherd to fix it up.But what better should he have done is that figuring it out before the loss happened.


The famous story of Chinese history:This is a story about a famous hero in Chinese history,a great general in Song empire who is named YueFei.When YueFei was a little child.His mother use the needle to tattoo four Chinese letters in his back,which generally mean that when he grow up,he should devote all of efforts to reward his motherland.It encouraged YueFei later to be one of the most famous ,loyal general in Chinese history.